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About Supplies for Ukraine C.I.C.

Supplies for Ukraine C.I.C. was set up by Viktoriia Honcharuk, a Ukrainian student studying in San Francisco. When she heard Russia had invaded her home country and her whole family had either joined the Ukrainian army or was volunteering as a field medic, she knew she had to do something. Only 21, she set up a fundraiser and managed to raise 10s of thousands of USD that she then spent on supplies that she shipped into Ukraine.

Her friend, Alfie Roberts, was based in the UK and offered to set up a sister fundraiser in order to get funds from across the pond. Due to the success of both fundraisers, Alfie registered Supplies for Ukraine as a limited company and as of July, has converted it into a Community Interest Company, in order to add credibility and transparency. This company status is an official recognition of the company's not-for-profit status and its community-driven mission.

Our Goals

Increase the frequency of deliveries to weekly

Increase donations from the UK and USA, including through corporate donors

Reach more Ukrainians with our work in the country

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